We offer the following disciplines in our year-round programming. Read more about each faculty artist here.
Below discipline descriptions are the meeting times + locations for the current Spring 2019 session,


Design and construct projects in San Francisco like a professional architecture firm. You will come up with concepts individually and as a class, have experts review your designs, and build them for clients. Students receive a stipend for attending Advanced Architecture Firm for the duration of the school year.
*Instructor approval required.

Faculty: Logan Kelley + Chris Wood

TUES/THURS 4–6:30PM @ John O’Connell High School, 2355 Folsom Street


Explore the many facets of photography by learning how cameras work, going on photoshoots, and developing your own prints in a professional darkroom and with high quality digital printing equipment. *This class will meet Saturdays for darkroom.

Faculty: Max Gavrich + Brisa Aceves

WED 4–6PM @ [x]space, 5137 Mission Street and SAT 3–7PM @ Rayko Photo Center, 428 3rd Street


Learn how to design and construct real world products and structures. You will work, individually and as a class, to apply design-thinking to real world issues. Students receive a $200 stipend for participation for the duration of the school year.

Faculty: Logan Kelley + Chris Wood

TUES/THURS 4–6:30PM @ John O’Connell High School, 2355 Folsom Street

Design and sew your own original fashion pieces + clothing. Learn to use sewing machines, hand stitch, and work with different fabrics and dyes.

Faculty: Francesca Mateo

MON/WED 4–6PM @ [x]space, 5137 Mission Street



Learn to write, direct, and edit your own short films as well as collaborate with other students to tell their stories. We will learn all aspects of film production like screenwriting, pre-production, cinematography, directing, sound design, animation, and editing. At the end of the semester we will have a film festival to show off all of our films.

Faculty: Matthew Brown

WED 4–6PM @ Youth Art Exchange, 29 Howth Street and SAT 12-4PM @ @ [x]space, 5137 Mission Street

Work with professional DJ software and equipment to make your own beats, sample music, and perform/DJ.

Faculty: Alfie Macias

MON/WED 4–6PM @ Youth Art Exchange, 29 Howth Street


Join Brazilian dance contingent, Sambaxé Dance Company for the 2019 San Francisco Carnaval Parade. You will learn choreography and perform in the parade!

Faculty: Raffaella Falchi Macias

SUNDAYS 4–6PM @ ODC, 351 Shotwell Street

Rehearsals: February 24 – May 26

Carnaval Parade: Sunday, May 26 10am – 2pm


Create your own graphics to print on t-shirts, material, and paper. Replicate your ideas, designs, and drawings in a professional printshop.

Faculty: Alyssa Aviles

TUES/THURS 4–6PM @ [x]space, 5137 Mission Street