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EPA: Excelsior Public Art Quarterly Event

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EPA is a collaborative effort to celebrate, present, and promote the arts in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. Established in 2019, EPA is rooted in over a decade of community-based efforts to create free public arts experiences for the neighborhood. During 2019-2020, EPA will be a collection of FREE events occurring regularly in the Excelsior with quarterly events on October 19, January 18, April 18, and June 20 and monthly events throughout the neighborhood. Come to just one or come to all the events!

Led by Youth Art Exchange (YAX), partners include ArtSpanGreen Art WorkshopEngine 43, and the Excelsior Action Group. All community artists, venues (formal and informal), and organizations interested in presenting or hosting arts activities are invited to participate. If you are interested in hosting quarterly events or want to promote your regularly occurring monthly events, please email We want to promote what’s happening in the Excelsior! EPA events are funded by San Francisco Grants for the Arts’ San Francisco Neighborhood Arts Collaborative, the Excelsior Collaborative, and B.L.I.N.G.

October 19th EPA events

11-6pm (Saturday October 19-Sunday October 20)
ArtSpan Open Studios/Youth Open Studios
[x]space arts hub (Youth Art Exchange youth, ArtSpan Artist KB)
Engine 43 (6 local artists)

Additional locations and artists throughout the Excelsior

Youth Art Exchange Workshop: Graphic Sublayer Transfer Systems Workshop

[x]space arts hub, 5137 Mission Street

Community Art Project by resident artist North Smucker

Engine 43, 724 Brazil Avenue

Green Art Workshop Visiting Artist Series: DIY Costume Making

[x]space arts hub, 5137 Mission Street

ArtSpan: Paper mask Artmaking with ArtSpan Artist 
Andreana Rosnik
Cumaica Coffee, 4726 Mission Street

Live Music Performance by Roo

Engine 43, 724 Brazil Avenue